Website Management

Static websites that are not updated on a regular basis can often go stagnant and not do well when competing in search engine rankings.  Out of date website software can become insecure and suffer from malware or hacking attempts.  This can basically ruin any investment that you originally made in your website and can also lead to ruining your businesses online reputation.

Website will do lots better when given expert attention, by updating content and keeping your online presence fresh this indicates to search engines and to your website visitors that your business is proactive and that you care about delivering useful information about your products and services.

Quite simply put if your website says to your customer that you don’t care about the way you look or portray yourself online, then why are they likely to care to use your services or buy your products.

Website Content Updates

If you require website updates done on your behalf or if you require a content management system so you can update certain aspects of your website in house, we can build a bespoke website a management service around your exact requirements.

Our websites are created using modern content management system frameworks and we can add custom elements if you require.  For example we provide a range of bespoke content management systems for Caravan Parks including Caravan Sales Databases, Travel Websites that include databases of current holidays and ecommerce websites with full products and order management systems.

Clever Website Management That Says ‘We Care’

At WebStudio we really do care, and we bring this to every project we undertake. We look at the best ways to keep your website looking fresh and alive!

We monitor technology updates and keep things up to date and current.  With this approach we are telling the search engines that we care on how the website works from a technology point of view and to the website visitor we are saying we care by giving you relevant and useful information.

Proactive Website Management

All our clients’ websites that we manage receive regular software updates, backups and general maintenance work to help our websites running smooth and quick.

We install security software and implement procedures to limit exposure to hacking and malware attacks.  In the event of any malware infection or hacking attempt we are at hand to limit damage and resolve any issue.

Website Management Frequently Asked Questions

Every project and client is different, it all depends on the amount of work you want us to do.

Our most popular package is a website design, hosting, search engine optimisation and management package, ideal for small business that want a new website and challenge for the top spots in search engine rankings such as google. Our all-in-one website for life packages start from £120 per month.

Yes we do a complete package that incorporates building a new website, hosting, domain names charges, email address setup and management and ongoing internet marketing.

Another big feature of our all in one packages is we update your website along the way. We provide future website redesign/refresh when needed to keep your website looking fresh, up to date and with the latest security updates.

Our website for life packages start from just £120per month, this is a great way for business to get proactive online and have a web team behind them actively working to increase website traffic and lead generation.

We also find our customers really love the fact they can ring us anytime and ask us technical questions and advice on marketing their business online, and how to get the most of their website an IT.