Mobile Compatible Website Design

Any modern website needs a mobile friendly strategy.  In fact Google is penalising websites in Google SERPs (search engine results page) and has developed a tool to check the compatibility of a websites ‘mobile friendliness’ for more information see Google Mobile Friendly Test ( .

Google pretty much dominates the market when it comes to search engines so when they say a website needs to be mobile friendly to rank better we should all take notice.

With the importance of mobile friendly website in mind WebStudio only develops mobile friendly websites, in fact we go the extra mile when it comes to mobile compatibility.  Our websites use what is called a responsive layout which means the website alters around the size of screen it’s being displayed on. So no matter what device you are viewing the website on it will alter the content to make best use of the screen size available.

Future Proof Mobile Compatible Websites

Responsive mobile friendly websites also have a massive benefit by making websites a lot more futureproof.  Every year more and more mobile devices are coming into the marketplace.  A responsive mobile website is designed to work on any size screen so even if a new device comes out with a completely new screen size, the website will adjust itself to best suit the display size.

This means any future developments in display size are already accounted for and as all our websites are built responsive from day one there is less need for future updates required providing better value for money. This is great from a development point of view and from a client’s perspective too.

Mobile Friendly Website Frequently Asked Questions

Simple answer is Yes!  It is now a very important factor in the way Google ranks your website in searches and also extremely important for viewers as more and more people are browsing the web on mobiles and tablets.

All of our websites are mobile responsive, this means when the screen size changes the website responds and changes the way the information is displayed to work with the current screen size.

So if a new device was to come out with a completely new screen size, our websites will respond and change to the screen size its being viewed on.

There can be certain circumstances where having two websites, one for desktop and one for mobile can be worthwhile, but for most cases a mobile responsive single website is the most cost effective solution.

If for example a website has a large database of products to be displayed and where the viewer is more likely using your website on the move, then a bespoke mobile version can work better and be created to work more like a mobile app and incorporate a more touch friendly navigation.

Yes we do! We are registered Apple and Android developers, we come up with creative solutions to make apps work well and look great.

From the drawing board to launch we look at every aspect in detail, from how the user will interact with the app to graphic design to make an app look amazing.