SEO Services

Getting you found online, & driving traffic

Search engine optimisation (SEO) of your website can increase the visibility of your website in search engine results.  When a potential customer is looking for a product or service using a search engine such as Google, Bing or Yahoo the higher your website appears increases the likely hood they will click on your link.

The higher your appear for relevant search keywords, increases dramatically the amount of traffic your website will receive.  Thus in turn dramatically increases the chance you will turn one of the visitors into an enquiry or a customer.

To convert visitor into customers also relies on several other factors too, such as the look and design of the website and if the website delivers the information in a digestible format for the viewer.

Increasing conversion rate

Web Studio have a proven record in turning website visitors into new customers by getting to know the business we are marketing.  With good research we can optimise website navigation and website content to make sure your website viewers navigate through your website with efficiency and find what they are looking for, keeping them on your website thus increasing the chances of conversion.

Competitor research

Along side getting to know your business products and services we also research the competition.  From this we can gauge where they appear in the search engines and for what terms and also see where they are doing well and where they are failing.  With good research we can even gain insight to useful keywords that may not initially have been recognised as an opportunity.

Optimised websites from the ground up

Great content and graphic design is only part of a good search engine optimised website.  The website framework itself needs to be SEO ready to make the most of your awesome content.

All our websites are built on SEO friendly foundations and are upgradeable so we can stay in line with modern website standards.  We stay in touch with the latest goings on in the digital marketing industry so our clients websites stay up to date and ahead in the rankings.

Tracking your success

To keep track of multiple keywords and search engine rankings we employ the latest in software to monitor our progress up the rankings.  Every website and industry is different.  With this in mind we tailor our SEO service to meet the needs of the project and competition we are contending with.  We gain the competitive advantage with up to date instant monitoring, maximising our efforts and delivering results quicker.

Ethical SEO

We make sure or efforts achieve longevity and a good foundation to build from by ethically optimising your online presence.  The key to long term online success is gaining long term trust from search engines.  Long term results requires a careful and measured approach.  Good organic optimisation is a marathon and not a sprint, ensuring search engine trust and long term success.

SEO Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a range of search engine optimisation services from one off website search engine optimisation (your existing website) from £499, or ongoing management and rank building packages too.

Our most popular SEO package is a combined website design, management and SEO package starting from £120 per month.

This is ideal for local businesses to boost their online presence and pro actively target new customers via the power of the internet.

It can take several months for some rankings to improve, on other occasions it can be a matter of weeks.  It varies greatly on the competition for the keywords that are being targeted.

We usually say it can take 3-6 months to get initial rankings then up to year to start challenging for the top positions.  After a top ranking is won the next stage is to monitor and work to keep the position and not let any efforts slip.

Having a great website is only part of the picture.  To help get your website generating leads you need to gain exposure.  By ranking highly for your products and service in Google produces more traffic on your website.

We understand how to firstly get you traffic to your website using search engine optimisation techniques, and secondly how to build websites to convert visitors into enquiries.

While you can perform SEO on your website, there are many techniques out there that are simply a waste of time and other techniques that can damage your search engine position.

At WebStudio we are experts in SEO and know what it takes to rank websites highly in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.  We are very approachable and can come up with clever ideas to cost effectively market your website and build your online presence.