Logo Design

At WebStudio we offer a wide range of logo and graphic design services.  If you require us to go the extra mile we can also design complete branding for your company, product or service.

  • Our range of logo design services include
  • New logos
  • Logo design refresh
  • Adding and editing existing logos

Logos can be simple text based logos, text and icon all the way to a logo with character design.  We know how important it is to make design work relevant and look good so we go the extra mile to deliver something of the highest standards.

Logo Design Examples

Here are a collection of logos we have created for our clients, examples include complete original works and logo redesigns where we have taken the original concept and modernised the design and colour schemes.

How we create great looking logos

If we are creating something new or re-designing a logo for a client we always make sure we collect all the best ideas together.  Here is a basic work flow of some of the stages involved when we are designing logos.

  1. With any logo we start by researching your industry and come up with some ideas for colours scheme and font style that best suits the message you are trying to deliver and your target audience.
  2. Next stage is to come up with some ideas and layouts. We draw several versions of the logo, if we have several potential colour schemes we create mock-ups to see which work best.
  3. Once you are happy with the direction we are going we produce full versions of the logo or several of the mock up so our client can visualise the design in more detail. When required we will add the logo to vehicles, publications or a website mock up so the logo can be appreciated in situ to see how it works.
  4. Once the final logo is agreed we then produce a wide range of versions of the logo for various applications such as letterheads, website, leaflets and publications.
  5. Sometimes several variants of logos are required, for example a logo may require to be on a dark background for a website or product, but for letterheads and emails the logo may require a white or light colour background.