Infographics & Maps

Web Studio North Wales design custom Infographics and maps for many applications from website to vehicles and publications such as brochures and leaflets too.
A good graphical element can help explain complicated data or help the viewer navigate a location such as a business park or a building.

So what is an infographic?

An infographic is a graphical representation of information in picture form, info – graphic. Infographics are used for many purposes, ranging from a how to guides, product assembly guides, explaining statistics and many more uses.
Infographics are present and all around us on television, brochures and leaflets just to name a few. Infographics are great to get a point across or explain something in a simple form.
Infographics are great on websites to explain to a potential customer how your product or service works.

Map Design

To help people easily find a location a graphical map is a great way to make this simple. Not only can a well designed map help people find things quickly they look really great too!