Web Analytics & Monitoring

The first step to improving rankings on a website involves the ability to measure keywords, website traffic and rankings.  Without any form of effective monitoring or analytics efforts to improve a websites traffic is just a wild shot in the dark.

With good analytics you can see how many people are visiting your website, how long they are staying on your website and what keywords they have used to find your website.

Having many visitors to your website is irrelevant if they are the wrong type of visitors. If the keywords you are ranking highly for do not generate a lot of traffic, or generate the wrong type of traffic then your website is not going to perform well.

Ongoing Monitoring

To keep you website performing well ongoing monitoring of keyword rankings is a must for gaining insight into what areas you are doing well in and what areas need more attention.

Analytics can also help reveal keywords that would not spring to mind, yet can generate a lot of relevant traffic.

At Webstudio we understand every business is different, so we utilise analytics and come up with clever strategies to focus efforts in the right areas, improving your website performance.  This in turn increases relevant traffic, gaining online exposure in front of the potential customers you want to target.

Website rankings monitoring

WebStudio monitors all our SEO customers websites, which helps us make the right decisions and target our efforts to improve rankings where needed and to maintain high rankings in areas that are working well.

Monitoring website rankings also is a great way of keeping track of competitors thus making it easier to compete for the top keywords and gain an advantage.