Ecommerce website design

Webstudio offers a complete ecommerce website design and internet marketing service. We are experts in ecommerce and can advise on many different areas from stock control, stock categorisation, stock and sales management to logistics, warehousing and dispatch software.

For an ecommerce website to maximise it's potential there are a few elements to consider.

  1. Ease of use: You want it to be easy to browse your product range, so a logical and easy to use navigation and a well categorised stock catalogue is a must.

  2. Simple stock Management:

  3. Great support: That's where we come in! From the ground up we go the extra mile and use our experience to fix problems before they've even happened with careful planning in the design process. With selecting the right features in the back end of the website we can make your management of your stock and sales simple and efficient.

  4. How to advertise and market your online store: That's where we come in again! We can research your online competition and customer base and come up with great ideas to market your online store. From our research we come up with several options that will help increase your online stores profile online and help drive new and relevant traffic and in turn increase sales.

Ecommerce website SEO and marketing

Having a ecommerce website alone without effective marketing may not produced the desired sales. Our SEO and internet marketing experts can help your ecommerce website reach out to your customer base an generate new leads and sales.

There are many ways to do this from a social media campaign to product fields to third party advertisers and sales channels such as Google Shopping, eBay, Amazon and affiliate sales websites.

Truly bespoke ecommerce solutions that fit

An ecommerce website is never, and should never be a one-size fits all out of the box product. Valueable sales can be missed if the website is not maximising its user experience, or if the management of the website if so difficult or time consuming it becomes hard to manage.

Webstudio offers a range of the top ecommerce platforms including Prestashop, Woocommerce and Magento just to name a few.

As well as being proficient in many ecommerce platforms we also have a wide experience with third party stock control, invoicing, accounting, warehouse management, CRM customer relationship management and dispatch software and software integrations.

Free ecommerce consultation.

If you are looking at launchhing your first online store, or if you have an ecommerce onine store that is either not working as you would like or would like us to work our magic on, please dont hesiitate to give us a call or fill in our contct form.

We offer a free no obligation chat so you can pick our brains and get an insight on how we work and how we can help your online venture. We are a friendly bunch and speak in plain English.